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H2O Savings

Water Smart = Wallet Smart

With water conservation being of high priority to California, Justice Energy has also made it it’s top priority. Having been in the water conservation business for some time, we have been able to establish water-efficient practices that are beneficial to both our customers and our environment.

Justice Energy provides a NO-COST Assessment of all the water efficient upgrades your space qualifies for., Through the various incentive programs available through the utility companies 95% of our water efficient upgrades are at NO-COST to our customers.

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Three ways to save

Replacing older model toilets with high efficiency or ultra high efficiency toilets can provide substantial water savings. With improvements in toilet design and manufacturing it is very common to get a better performing flush along with the water savings. Rebates for toilets flushing at 1.28 gallons per flush and 1.0 gallons per flush are available from many municipalities and utilities. Justice Energy has years of experience in upgrading toilets and plumbing fixtures on buildings from hotels, apartments, commercial and residential buildings and would be happy to be of assistance with finding the right HET for your property.
Capturing rain is a great way to help conserve water. Rain water that would otherwise be sent out to the ocean via storm drains can be captured and used for watering gardens or washing a car. With many municipalities and utilities offering rebates it is often possible for a homeowner to install a rain barrel system at little or no cost. So Cal Watersmart provides residential customers rebates for rain barrels throughout the MWD territory.
Replacing a water hungry lawn with a California friendly landscape has seen a boom in popularity in water stressed regions. Irrigating a grass lawn in many cases is the single largest use of a water in a household. Because of this replacing a thirsty lawn with native low water use plants can add up to big savings in water and utility bills. In addition many people also enjoy the ease of maintenance associated with the drought tolerant landscapes.


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